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What We Do!

Liz’s Cleaning Company specializes in cleaning hotels and leaving them spotless. Our staff will make your hotel look better than ever before. They are filled with very hard working people.

Why Choose Us?

We are all about business and are willing to debate about our prices. With the cheapest prices and the best quality, we can guarantee that you will have a pristine hotel, that even your costumers will leave good reviews about how clean it is. Furthermore our staff contains some of the best people you’ll ever see!  In addition to they are trustworthy and experienced, you will never have a problem with them.

Marietta, Ga

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Alpharetta, Ga

Sandy Springs

Kennesaw, Ga

Atlanta, Ga






About Us!

If you’re still curious about our service, as you know we have been cleaning for more than a decade in the Metro Atlanta area and many other locations nearby. In fact we hadn’t always only done hotels, we have cleaned homes, restaurants, and many other types of businesses. As well as we decided to specialize in cleaning hotels, but while we have been doing these places our goal always stayed the same; it is to help people make their home or business cleaner than ever before and do it with the best quality they have ever seen in the cleaning industry. All our costumers have been satisfied with our service and we have never had a complaint. Not only that but also our cleaning staff is filled with hard working people, that do amazing quality work. Again, we are the best cleaning service in the Metro Atlanta area.

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